Monday, April 27, 2009

Untitled - Transcribed from previous works 4-30-08

Some time later
past circles to me here
in Memories, or
some sort of clarity chance meeting

I can see you
and you make me smile
you earnestly moving forward inside
you are seeking and searching and uncovering newness
I cannot help but be touched by your mission
your sincerity to reach out, hold dear and to live
from your seed of your former self you have
grown in new soil; how much I want to
share my life with your life and my time with
your time on this earth.
While you are free to connect
I am bound still I know
How do I move forward?
Is this the right path to take?
Is this real or imagined on my part, perhaps
it is all for the best we stay apart, or
Is it our destiny to write the next chapter

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