Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Feburary 1981

The first time
office talking
raining raining outside
appointments made
Ironically he told me he loved me that night before
words I would have relished more another night
didn't mean much to me at that point, pointless
I went on a gray morning with a best friend
who sticks by to this day
to the office atmosphere clinic cold
processed through like the others there
put through paces, lying back, the foot stirrups on the table
the doctor appears, you are explained to, and it all starts
the mechanical vacuum is weird and a little crampy
I stared vacantly at the walls, tried not to think about it
And after chatted aimlessly with the others there
snacks on the table for energy
like I just gave blood, which I did, in fact I did
back to the universe first blood
to whom I couldn't do justice

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