Wednesday, September 30, 2009

You Are A Question

You are an alien
unknown to my landscape
unknown to my eyes
unknown to my touch

You are an answer
bringing some change along
bringing a happy sense of things
bringing yourself to the table

You are your own paradigm
standing aside from the rest
standing in your own sweet light
standing on your own two feet

You are a question
asking what the day brings
asking what the day means
asking what the day leaves behind

Unknown, bringing, standing, asking
Answer question, alien paradigm

Sunday, September 27, 2009


Maybe the public eye was too keen
honing in on games played on others too often
eliciting results your hard stance did soften
did it sap the need to win or did you see
nothing was gained through the game

Lurker in the online shadows
Lurker in the posts you play
Lurker wanting the shining glory
Never wanting a price to pay
Lurking in my mind today

Friday, September 25, 2009

Notes from the Odyssey

My screen door blew open
Blowing cobwebs from my chakras, baby
Been thinking about your fears now, maybe
Can't give them time, moving forward

My skylight opened up wide
Shined light on that me hidden deep, sugar
Can't keep the words inside and weep, took her
Too long to get to this place, earned nirvana

My roots have grown into the ground
Hold onto my courage, like found money
Won't stand for friends knocking me down, honey
Solidarity speaks the truth, spirit grounds me

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Breeze about the lake
Late afternoon, sun setting slowly
Across the water egrets settle and chatter
The end of day, whatever their conversations

We looked up to the sky
Birds funneling like bees from some unknown hive
Funneling to trees beyond our horizon
The whooshing sound of wings beating in unison

Quickly they passed our patch of sky
Quiet returns except egret chatter
The rustling of leaves lazily heard too
The end of day, whatever our conversations

Monday, September 21, 2009

The Curve

The curves lie under the gathers
hidden layers hidden treasures
gathered warmly waiting
gathered warmly waiting

The curves age gracefully
surprising the typical sagging lines
gracefully yearning notice
gracefully yearning notice

The curves train faithfully
to finish the dream someday
to share it curving towards one
to share it curving towards one

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Fishermen and fisherwomen on the dock
the daily catch in their hands
preparations made for the meal demands
cleaning of the scales

Scales protected the fish, of course
and caught now in their trap
preparations to cut the gap
disemboweled for the meal of another

Delicate scales protected the fish
sticking to the fishermen (and women) now
fetid reminders of exactly how
the night's meal was just tendered

I relate to the fish this morning
reeled in by your look of caring
manipulations you're preparing
cut me wide for the feast of the psychic strigoi

Casting the line of empathy
I was lured by the chance to be heard
But nary understood was a single word
your embrace negatively misleading

Lesson learned I must swim away
Avoiding the line and the hook
Spare me that forlorn unbelieving look
Fear seeks to undermine courage

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Cycles of a Cloud

A white cloud floating, I
feel the air rushing in, spirit
feel the energy of the oceans, emotion
feel it gathering in, then

The balance is lost, and the storm rolls in...

My cloud is grey, from the burdens
the air has become moist with tears
the oceans swirl up in anger
and the bursting occurs

Balance returns if you let it, let the air back in...

The cloud dissapates, peace presiding
air becomes filled, spirit shining light
waters settle, smooth sailing now
and the cycle, begins again, life breathes in.

Blessings of light, life within.