Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Fishermen and fisherwomen on the dock
the daily catch in their hands
preparations made for the meal demands
cleaning of the scales

Scales protected the fish, of course
and caught now in their trap
preparations to cut the gap
disemboweled for the meal of another

Delicate scales protected the fish
sticking to the fishermen (and women) now
fetid reminders of exactly how
the night's meal was just tendered

I relate to the fish this morning
reeled in by your look of caring
manipulations you're preparing
cut me wide for the feast of the psychic strigoi

Casting the line of empathy
I was lured by the chance to be heard
But nary understood was a single word
your embrace negatively misleading

Lesson learned I must swim away
Avoiding the line and the hook
Spare me that forlorn unbelieving look
Fear seeks to undermine courage

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