Friday, July 31, 2009

The Guardians

They followed us around
goofy and smiling, bounding behind like dogs.

They followed behind us,
on the streets of Bangor; loping along

Entreating us to take their picture.
Take our picture!
Take our picture!

They followed hopefully, smiling
until we finally stopped and made them promise

They posed instantly, brothers
We snapped their picture, and they kept their word

They loped off in another direction, satisfied.
Their mission was accomplished!

Their photo, to this day
Hangs on a wall wherever I am.

Over 20 years later, my guardians
Soul brothers smiling their goofy smiles.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Close By My Heart

The window opens past my closed door
The music calls me yearning to dance
Plays in my mind often the days washed by me
Plays to my soul the lessons so taught me
Dancing steps, learning the dancing steps

Cold blows the wind of hard days behind me
Cold shoulders gone their own unto history
Running to glories, vining blessings bright blooming
Running toward arms reaching my way in the future
Dancing steps, practicing the dancing steps

Oh God, the changes blind my good senses
Oh God, help me feel my way in the dark
Blessings these, things beyond all sensation
Blessings these, felt but not seen this sunrise
Dancing steps, relishing the dancing steps

Close by my heart, dancing steps

Friday, July 10, 2009


We were little kids
youngest ones of families two
we played together happily
visits that came far apart, too few

Just two little kids
blond hair both of us
I was the younger one who
idolized the older one, waited at the door

We two little girls
understanding nothing at the time
separated for two score years plus
by the demands of the elders, out of our control

We are a gift back to each other now
Finding that some bonds hold
even when forgotten
due to circumstances beyond our grasp

Sunday, July 5, 2009

An Attempt At The Indescribable

Explanations escape me
why the blessings are so profound
able to resonate with the core of truth
adjoined with the motivation to find more
reading between lines of undecipherable time
realizing amazing ties, always there
telling a story that was previously hidden from view

There is no trading even an hour of the past
for what was gained in these years of confusion
this wondrous happiness bursting inside
like an infant safe within my own arms
whatever healing that needs to find truth
available to us now, that book opened wide
waiting for us to create new passages
our gifts only start to realize
the vast nature of the love we've been given

Friday, July 3, 2009

Cali Haiku

Finding a path to myself
See it clearly now