Thursday, October 22, 2009

Autumn Fires

Autumn fires blazing
the race to winter's rest
for what bright blooms the spring skies bring
is anybody's guess
these autumn fires burning
questions in our minds
replacing blind ambition
wait as events combine
with the hope to grow
that great push of spring
budding thoughts into our head
the seeds of autumn bring
simple desires of the heart today
seeds of future days dormant
scattered until the cold days pass
for what bright blooms the spring skies bring
is anybody's guess

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Dark Blue

Coiled within
darkest blue
energies within time
sent to you
lost in the infinite
passed by their prime
lost in the infinite
space and time
sent to you
though not received
love not tasted
left bare to bleed
darkest blue moods
no one can see
infinite black hole
coiled within me

Monday, October 5, 2009


First, the turn of the key
then a dying alternator
I felt the ignition of excitement
and my head felt a little lighter
but somewhere we stalled and I don't know why
the last thing I want is to say goodbye
after such a rev to the engines
the ride I can only imagine
there's a sunset out there somewhere
waiting for us to drive into
but I don't know how to wait well
need you to show me
the fuel you need that
with a key turned the right way
will fire this all back to life
because I want to see
beyond that fork in the road
To me 'twas foretold
that this option is yours
should you choose it, ignition
but the final course
the roads to find
and getting there
yours open wide