Monday, September 20, 2010

Blessings To A Soul

She cut my heart to ribbons with her words
perhaps to set me free
heart cut to ribbons while she pasted
presumptious poisoned band aids on the wound
Not heeding God in the wind
there to heal me

Why do you avoid the light, my friend?
You think you never avoid it,
but when it shines on the truth as it lays bare between us
you cover it with an embarrassed expression
Forgetting that God gave us light
to see things

Those swirled in the fabric of dogma
their skeletons hid within deep dark cupboards
wound us with their pained manipulations
Twist you to their hateful convictions
Too arrogant to remember God
and every molecule of the truth he sees

I wish I didn't remember your actions
The words carrying hidden disgust makes me sad
Sorry for a heart in dismay, I know
Heaven is here if you'll see it
Thank God for my gross imperfections
My path filled with angels everywhere
I'm lucky to be able to know them
Send you blessings to you
That you see them too

Friday, September 3, 2010

Tree By The Sea

I am a tree
at the edge of the sea
wind is blowing hard
all around me
my roots have dug deep
beyond the sand
grabbing a hold
of the rock beneath land
holding tight

I am a tree
at the edge of this sea
storms blowing hard
through my branches
I can stand strong
standing straight, standing strong
my branches spread wide
reaching up toward the sky

I am a tree
placed close to the sea
I love the water
all around me
sometimes the floods
surround me with doubt
yet I do not drown
I dry out, and calm down
grateful to keep growing

I am a tree
loved by the sea
my branches spread out
far beyond me
the leaves sprout out
then the flowers
lead to fruit
shared with all
my creations