Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Questions Carved From Stone

All the stones on the shore
have their beauty radiating
light energy reflecting
together, bypassing your attentions
eyes blinder-ed by your past
how I wish that happier times befell you
even over desires for myself I would have traded
that time lost to our unhappy years, to be different somehow
I know this truth, however
happiness is still a choice
so hard to experience with these conditions

Can I, I mere stone, blast my colors brightly
to be the the one who stands apart from the others?
I am surely different than the others on the shore
happiness still an attainable dream to me
my blinders removed; marveling at messages received
life rushing through me, desiring
the joy of my heart
to be shared completely.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Breaking the Mold

Whether it's breaking out
or breaking away
breaking bread with a friend
Breaks are good
and Breaks are bad
Breaking up is just very sad in the end
Breaking open comes to every shell
harboring a seed; breaking out of its hull
We need a big break sometimes wishes to realize
we break down when it falls apart
say Give Me a Break in disbelief
and take a break to get some relief
A bite may break the skin
and a thief in the night will just break in
We break open
and break out
we break apart
take a break to see
that breaking free
is breaking me

Monday, June 22, 2009

Thank You Note

Thankful for you
Of all things magical in my life
This is the most true
I am humbly, amazed
so honored to my core
for these gifts in my life
hoping to bring more
the sense of profound joy
that I've been touched to receive
treasures beyond value
For you to believe

The Fabulous Four

We are your legacy now, four
Each unique to the equation
four, together unstoppable
Spreading to the four corners of our worlds
four, meeting together at the heart center
here at the narrows, our quest
to release you with gratitude and hope
Four legs on the table
supporting your journey here
and thankful for our time together with you
each of us unique creations, yours
unstoppable, learning to fly
ready to soar above everything
Your true legacy, yet to be realized fully

Friday, June 19, 2009


Falling together
These shining diamonds did not make sense
footsteps dancing crazy had no path you could see
lifetime of random moments
significantly sometimes sticking to my soul
coming back to remind me later how they shined
how they shined
then shining again, brightly reminding
moments I took in that suddenly make more sense
like a story with no reason until you read that last chapter
first half of my life, book of fairytales come true

Falling together brightly
More light than dark to my days
besides, more was witnessed than realized!
Bringing sense to the story now
sticks golden realizations like lego blocks to my heart
nothing seems random at all now
moments coming back to brightly shine
reminding me of their time now
second half of my life, just unfolding
A new book opening
New diamonds spilling out of the pages already

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


A decade ago it began, or so
climbing the stairs out of Penn
teaching myself the maps
encouraging myself to be brave
knowing the time was important
to see worlds through work everyday
understanding it my way

A decade ago it began, more or less
the long climb out of my shell
testing out the new waters
evaluating my thoughts and habits
realizing truths all around me
visualizing a whole new future
making it whole, just for me

A decade ago it began, give or take
the journey is ever evolving
my legs have grown strong from the walking
I see happiness on the horizon
the ties and how they twist together
building a path of my choosing
creation of life, just for me

Friday, June 12, 2009

Haiku Response

Sighs of nevermore
Sends heat down arms, electric
True love transcends this

Work In Progress

Isn't it easy
when the toil is not yours
when the time wasted is not yours
when the stress is not yours
to assume that it's no trouble
but you can go ahead
and balance your day
by placing the unreal
onto those who support you

we support you but not forever
not if you don't support us
not if you don't care about our time
not if you don't care about our families
but you can go ahead
and balance your day
by placing the unreal
onto those who support you

Just know that it won't last
and one day the shadow that you cast
and the care that you lost
and the time that you tossed
will come back around
and you will lose ground
having lost the support
of those you chained to the unreal

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Prayers for the Road

I forget the prayer we said back then
standing at the door
watching my father drive away to work
like he did in the mornings
driving down the long driveway, turning left

We stood at the screen door
Peeking out from behind the aluminum curlicues
Saying prayers for his well being
every morning to protect him
from the daily toils, troubles and dangers

I remember standing at that door
looking longingly at the road leading out
wanderlust filling my mind even at that young age
knowing that one day it would be my turn
to travel out beyond the protective trees in my yard

So far from me is that screen door now
But in my mind, so clearly present, I am standing at it again
pondering the long road that lies ahead
sadness and wanderlust mixing together now
traveling out from the protection I have come to know

Saying prayers for the journey
the road remains open, beckoning

Monday, June 8, 2009

Karmic Timing

Wish I could make you see it
The way the wind makes me feel
Or the way I smile when I think of you smiling
You could just feel my laughter within my soul ringing
Pealing like bells, depths of soul singing

In time I know you will feel it too
Layers of time breaking away the current past
This life brought us here, it was planned through the ages
In this life I cheered you on and you've healed me too
Wish you were ready to see it

Pealing like bells, time bringing

Friday, June 5, 2009

Walking The Plank - Faith Is Your Diving Board

Steps upward to the stars
shining above way up high
climbing to see the infinite there
not knowing what that meant
the infinite awaited me
with questions in my heart
foreseeing my climb; lessons learned

Reaching the top, hesitation
to see the stars so close
learning that the infinite was not there
not knowing what that meant
my destiny awaiting in waters below
with questions I dove down
have foreseen my dive; lessons learned

Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Threads connected our dreams inside
placed secretly within us, centuries ago
lifetimes ago - with this time in mind
sweet knowing so sewn in our souls
arrives with this awakening, happening now
breeze sweeps spirit in blowing your mind
like a feather brushing by your sleeve
you barely notice the shift; yet it is
crossing our paths like braided ropes
binding together these long lost hopes
the dreams we left behind
for this place; for this time

Monday, June 1, 2009

Four insights

Casting my lot to the water
Casting plans into stone
Casting stitches, knitting a future
Casting away fear, casting away fear

Drawing up plans in my notebook
Drawing near friends who understand
Drawing out myself from this cocoon
Drawing visions, drawing visions

Loving friends easy to love friends
Loving enemies, forgiving graces
Loving defined unconditionally
Loving shared, loving shared

Forgiving graces saving me
Forgiving faces support me
Forgiving my past, forgive me
Forgiving myself, forgiving myself