Friday, January 29, 2010

How It Happened

This is how things started
the day death almost found me
somewhere in my soul
there was still more work to do
I was filled with resolve, finally
allowing truth to be truth
within my own mind
germ to the seed that broke its shell

Each step was taken first small and hesitant
with confidence, the strides found me and
choices made themselves; miracles
created new opportunities, friends
encouraged me to grab it, the brass ring
we laughed realizing how
I could have done this all along
the veil over my eyes I had placed there myself

No journey ends without new ones beginning
fear sometimes comes with good ideas, learning
differences between the outworn and the renewed
casting hope out to the universe
whatever it is that can be shared, love
like rain to break the shells of other seeds
carried on the wing; let us all find our songs
let us shed the chains we shackled to ourselves

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Standing Firm

The molecules voice
ingrained in everything
lined through leaves; telling a story
explanations coursing the drops
that make up a river
it's course flows in a direction
that strikes fear in our minds
but is known to our spirits anyway
this is the singular path we cared about
explained to us in the map legends
given to us lifetimes ago
Understand, all I know how to do now
is to stand firm in prayer and communication
asking my spirit, just to believe
in a heart's desire that knows so well
what is lined in the leaves
these map legends of time
telling our life's story to us again.