Friday, June 19, 2009


Falling together
These shining diamonds did not make sense
footsteps dancing crazy had no path you could see
lifetime of random moments
significantly sometimes sticking to my soul
coming back to remind me later how they shined
how they shined
then shining again, brightly reminding
moments I took in that suddenly make more sense
like a story with no reason until you read that last chapter
first half of my life, book of fairytales come true

Falling together brightly
More light than dark to my days
besides, more was witnessed than realized!
Bringing sense to the story now
sticks golden realizations like lego blocks to my heart
nothing seems random at all now
moments coming back to brightly shine
reminding me of their time now
second half of my life, just unfolding
A new book opening
New diamonds spilling out of the pages already

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