Thursday, June 11, 2009

Prayers for the Road

I forget the prayer we said back then
standing at the door
watching my father drive away to work
like he did in the mornings
driving down the long driveway, turning left

We stood at the screen door
Peeking out from behind the aluminum curlicues
Saying prayers for his well being
every morning to protect him
from the daily toils, troubles and dangers

I remember standing at that door
looking longingly at the road leading out
wanderlust filling my mind even at that young age
knowing that one day it would be my turn
to travel out beyond the protective trees in my yard

So far from me is that screen door now
But in my mind, so clearly present, I am standing at it again
pondering the long road that lies ahead
sadness and wanderlust mixing together now
traveling out from the protection I have come to know

Saying prayers for the journey
the road remains open, beckoning

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