Monday, January 26, 2009

It was a soft drive through the snow
the scent of adventure wafting through coffee steam
winding up Taconic's fair curves
pausing for rest just a little
leaving the highway
to an old shaker village
Sufi souls there now
my room's quiet corner
small bed and table, to myself this time
I have a teapot and some food
I have miles of quiet and peace
thinking and relaxing my brain
from thinking
Praying and
allowing for the silences to fill with more silence
the quietude of God speaking
soft tones, loving peace
the gift of the retreat in the snow


Bookmaeven said...

Hi Jae--Nice blog--and I like your photos!

Jae said...

Thanks! It's a work in progress but I've really been getting into it. You should start your own threads... I bet there's a lot you could share through this medium! :)